Quantum Software Engineering. Quantum supremacy modelling. Part II

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Quantum Software Engineering. Quantum supremacy modelling. Part II: Quantum search algorithms simulator — computational intelligence toolkit: Educational and methodical textbook // O.V. Ivancova, V.V. Korenkov, S.V. Ulyanov. – Москва: КУРС, 2020. – 344 p.

In the Part 2 of quantum software engineering textbook the attention on the description of the efficient simulation of quantum search algorithms, design methodology of quantum algorithm gates using classical computer technology concentrated. Examples of efficient simulation of Grover’s and Shor’s quantum search algorithms on classical computers are demonstrated, explaining what its objectives are, and describing some of its physical resources, limitations and information bounds are given. For scientists, engineers and students engaged in systems analysis, computer science and control engineering, technology design and development of software and hardware tools to support management systems in the macro- micro- and nanotechnology, as well as problem-oriented personal smart toolkit and devices in microelectronics.


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