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Quantum Software Engineering (Background) Part 2: End-to-end intelligent design IT of quantum algorithms-М.:KURS,2021.-416 с..-(Quantum IT)(7БЦ)

The textbook deals with the fundamentals and current challenges when using quantum computers during the Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) introduced. Unitary operations are represented as gates, combined with qubits and measurements they form a quantum circuit. Such quantum circuits are gate-based representations of quantum algorithms. The number of gate collections to be executed sequentially is defined as the depth of a quantum circuit. Within such a collection, called layer, gates are performed in parallel. The number of qubits is defined as the width of the circuit. Both properties determine the required number of qubits and the stable execution time of a suitable quantum computer. Each quantum computer has a set of physically implemented gates. Selecting an appropriate quantum computer to execute a certain quantum algorithm not only depends on the mathematics of the algorithm itself but also on the physical requirements of its implementations. Industrial examples of the effectiveness of the developed quantum computational toolkit of intelligent robotics and mechatronics described. The tool book intended for students, teachers and professionals involved in the design and research management systems in problem-oriented science and technology fields.


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