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Intelligent Cognitive Robotics.Volume 3. Quantum computational toolkit of quantum self-organized intelligent control system simulator

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Intelligent cognitive robotics.Volume 3.Quantum computational toolkit of quantum self-organized intelligent control system simulator: Quantum deep lea

The technology of knowledge base remote design of the smart fuzzy controllers with the application of the "Soft / quantum computing optimizer" toolkit software developed. The possibility of the transmission and communication the knowledge base using remote connection to the control object considered.Transmission and communication of the fuzzy controller’s knowledge bases implemented through the remote connection with the control object in the on line mode apply the Bluetooth or Wi - Fi technologies. Remote transmission of knowledge bases allows designing many different built-in intelligent controllers to implement a variety of control strategies under conditions of uncertainty and risk. Different models of robots described (mobile anipulator, (“cart-pole” system) inverted pendulum,etc.). A comparison of the control quality between fuzzy controllers and quantum fuzzy controller in various control modes is presented. The ability to connect and work with a physical model of control object without using than mathematical model demonstrated. The implemented technology of knowledge base design sharing in a swarm of intelligent robots with quantum controllers. It allows to achieve thegoal of control and to gain additional knowledge by creating a new quantum hidden information source based on the synergetic effect of combining knowledge. The results of the experiments demonstrate the possibility of the ensured achievement of the control goal of a group of robots using soft / quantum computing technologies in the design of knowledge bases of smart fuzzy controllers in quantum intelligent control systems. The developed software toolkit allows to design and setup complex ill-defined and weakly formalized technical systems on line. The practical features of the knowledge base technology for the R & D of quantum fuzzy controllers with a required level of intelligence in real physical control objects discussed. Industrial examples of the effectiveness of the developed quantum computational toolkit of intelligent robotics and mechatronics described.


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