Хоц Борис Соломонович

Electrodynamics and Thermodynamics from Observer’s Mathematics point of view

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Electrodynamics and Thermodynamics from Observer’s Mathematics point of view: монография / Б.С. Хоц. – Москва: КУРС, 2017. – 144 с.

In this book we continue to consider Observer’s Mathematics applications to different areas of contemporary physics. Now we develop Observer’s Mathematics applications to electromagnetism and thermodynamics. First we give short introduction to arithmetic operations in Observer’s Mathematics, and then go to the Maxwell equations in electrodynamics and thermodynamics. As it is usually happened with Observer’s Mathematics applications we immediately get the probabilistic process, without any apriori assumptions. And from Observer’s Mathematics point of view Maxwell equations become equations with random variables. We research various characteristics of these equations, including their invariance (for electrodynamics) under Lorentz transformation. Sure, and Lorentz transformation we consider also from Observer’s Mathematics point of view. We proved that Maxwell electrodynamic equations in Observer’s Mathematics are invariant under Observer’s Mathematics Lorentz transformation in sense that they have the same expression in different inertial system of coordinates, but difference is only in random summands having different distribution functions.


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