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16 Ноября, 2022

Новинка! "Intelligent cognitive robotics. Volume 1 and Volume 2"

The textbook deals with the quantum simulation of intelligent control systems and knowledge base design technology in the conditions of uncertainty and imperfect information risk. Detailed description of the functional structure of a knowledge base optimizer applied on the quantum soft computing technology introduced. Backgrounds of intelligent control information-thermodynamic law from quantum information theory and quantum thermodynamics described. Quantum algorithm of imperfect knowledge bases self-organization on Benchmarks effectively demonstrated. Quantum fuzzy inference model with quantum genetic algorithm as a new quantum search algorithm presented.
The practical features of the knowledge base technology for the R & D of quantum fuzzy controllers with a required level of intelligence in real physical control objects discussed. Industrial examples of the effectiveness of the developed quantum computational toolkit of intelligent robotics and mechatronics described.
The tool book intended for students, teachers and professionals involved in the design and research management systems in problem-oriented science and technology fields.