Quantum Software Engineering. Quantum supremacy modelling. Part I


Торговый код: 695765

Quantum Software Engineering. Quantum supremacy modelling. Part I: Design IT and information analysis of quantum algorithms: Educational and methodical textbook // O.V. Ivancova, V.V. Korenkov, S.V. Ulyanov: Textbook — Dubna: Joint Institute for Nuclear Researches / INESYS (EFKO Group). — М.: KURS, 2020. — 328 p.



The textbook deals with the quantum simulation and quantum algorithmic gate design technology. Detailed information analysis of quantum algorithms (decision making and quantum searching) introduced. Benchmark examples of the effectiveness of the developed quantum computational toolkit of different types of quantum algorithms described. Quantum supremacy is demonstrated.
The textbook intended for students, teachers and professionals involved in the design and research management systems in problem-oriented science and technology fields.